This is just wrong. If you buy a four-pack of hedgehog, you need to use all four.

This is just wrong. If you buy a four-pack of hedgehog, you need to use all four.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry says that paganism may be making a comeback. But will they be goth and bisexual?

Related: The struggles of dating as a witch.

One of the questions I asked myself while I was watching things unfold in the aftermath of Paris was why they didn’t go into the stadium. Question answered.

While we were watching Paris, a hero did this in Beirut.

You know what else saved lives (well, a life)? A Samsung smartphone. And not for the first time.

Michael Weiss interviews Abu Khaled, Daeshian spy.

One of the terrorists of the Paris attack got in to Paris using a fake Syrian passport, which are apparently pretty easy to get. That he wasn’t actually a Syrian is less comforting than that he apparently snuck in through the refugee system is discomforting.

Before the attacks, Tanvi Misra made the case that Syrian refugees are likely to help the cities they settle in. Maybe, but when you’ve lost Rick Snyder

Brendan O’Neill makes the case against cultural appeasement after Paris.

How Taiwan sees Japan. {More}

Should “having defended your safety while on the job” be a protected class?

David Roberts explains the right-sizing ability of self-driving electric cars.

BusinessInsider looks at the best and worst states to make a living.

Bring back the flop houses. The price is outrageous, but hey it’s San Francisco… I’m just kind of flag a bunk bed for $1200 a month is an option. Kriston Capps is fascinated.

Once upon a time, bungalows were the spawling, gaudy, high-consumption housing Right-Thinking people complained about.

This Freddie piece on withdrawing into yourself hit pretty close to home.

The statistical correlations with cohabitation tend to be negative, but among African-Americans it may make them more positive about marriage.

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