For some reason I’ve had my mind periodically stuck on… someone… I knew from… somewhere. I’m usually really good with faces and if I don’t recall where I saw it originally I remember once the librarian in the back of my mind searches the archives for a day or two. It’s one of those things where I can think myself to death about and get nowhere, then a day or two later it will magically come to me while I’m thinking about anyone else.

It’s been four days and I am still nowhere. She had brown hair that she usually kept in a pony tail. Brown eyes (I am usually not very good with eyes). She wore minimal make-up and was rather tomboyish. Not much in the way of breasts. She could mostly be described as being the friend of a friend or someone that was in some social circle I happened to be in for a while. I don’t remember ever having a long conversation with her. She smiled a lot, but it was a weak sort of smile. A silent serenity. It was a boy’s smile. Though she looked very much like a woman, there was a masculine quality about her. Particularly in her smile, which came across as “heeey buuuuddy!”. She was attractive enough, but I wasn’t specifically attracted to her.

I think I knew her from high school. For some reason “cross country” comes to mind or running of some sort. Maybe she ran in college, though. Or maybe she was just an avid jogger. I didn’t really have much of a social network at my high school, though, which makes the high school connection seem odd. Alternately I might have known her while I was in high school and she went to another one where she was a runner of some sort. Runner, runner, runner, that’s what I remember though I have no recollection of actually seeing her run.

My high school yearbook is stashed away in Colosse. If I had it handy, I’d be scanning the 800 or so people in my graduating class (and maybe the 850 people in the next lower graduating class). Part of me is glad I don’t have it handy because it would lead to the waste of some time. On the other hand, if it’s going to be bugging me for the next few days it might be quicker just to actually look it up.

Most frustrating of all I can’t remember why she has even crossed my mind or why it matters.

Does this happen to y’all?

Addendum: I’m definitely going to have to crack open the yearbook. This past weekend I saw some NCAA tournament basketball. Mom pointed out that one of the players for one of the big schools is a graduate from my own Mayne High School. Futher, his not-common last name is really familiar and matches or is close to the last name of a bully that I went to school with. While the age difference wouldn’t suggest that they are brothers, my classmate was extremely talented and could have made it a lot further if he weren’t so short.

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  1. Peter says:

    You wouldn’t have to scan all the faces in your yearbook, just the girls, and many of them probably could be eliminated almost immediately. It wouldn’t take as long as you think.

    I’ve had things of this nature happen to me too. For some reason they tend to involve co-workers from past jobs rather than schoolmates.

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