gipperplane“I don’t agree with all of these, but this media narrative chart for shootings seems mostly right.

When I’m not careful, I have the male equivalent of “Resting Bitch Face“… which did foist upon me a greater degree of awareness of how I can come across. And that’s without the additional penalties women face.

Gustavo Arellano writes of Los Angeles’s long history against the “wrong” kinds of food, including and perhaps especially of the Mexican variety.

Lion’s piece on sock puppetry links to this really interesting story of the CIA using sock-puppets to spread pro-US propaganda.

The Washington Post’s Rick Noack’s piece on Germany’s fascination with the United States helps explain why Germany is one of the non-adversarial developed countries with rather high levels of disapproval for the US.

IUDs are the most effective method of birth control, and honestly one of the only forms of birth control I see making a serious dent in our abortion rates.

According to some, Houston doesn’t have zoning the same way that Louisiana doesn’t have counties. Not so, says Tory Gaddis.

When all is said and done, staunch partisanship and fringy political views appear to make for happier marriages.

Conspiracy theories are losing their stigma, and they have enormous traction when it comes to global warming. Which makes sense, as since people don’t want to believe it’s happening are likely to want to latch on to any reason to believe it won’t.

James Bowie looks at the University of North Dakota’s mascot crisis (they can’t use Sioux, but have no replacement), and tries to figure out what a suitable mascot might be. I agree that a lot of the schools that made the change chose pretty poorly.

I agree with this article from the Guardian, suggesting that social media’s ability to break down the wall between birth parents and adopted children, poses a lot of potential for trouble. All of the momentum in the US, though, has been towards unsealing the records.

Tips on sleeping with other people.

Greta Christina argues that being socially liberal but economically conservative isn’t enough. Some good points, though #4 and #5 assume a disagreement that may not exist, assuming that aggressive policing and the war on drugs are economically, rather than socially, conservative positions.

Patrick Clark argues that when figuring out where to live, we should look at where people are already moving instead of hypothetically nice places that for some reason people don’t seem to actually want (in as large numbers, anyway).

Why are people so fixated on the race when it comes to characters in video games? Like these white people?

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  1. oscar.gordon says:

    Greta – Really big assumptions wrapped up in a whole lot of condescension. Clearly she isn’t writing to win converts, but rather signalling her socio-political credentials.

  2. Mike Hunt Ray Rice says:

    The people of Houston exercised some common sense on Tuesday.

    Hopefully the pendulum is swinging back the other way.

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