The value of thirty-five times x is greater than the value of 60 if x is an integer with a value greater than one.

So we made it to Vegas. We knew that Mandalay Bay, the hotel resort where we are staying, offered cribs. What we did not know is that they charged an exorbitant $35 day a fee for them. We tried to see if we could get around it, but it became obvious last night that we weren’t going to be able to. So we called to have one sent up. As an aside, you would think that if we call the front desk at 11pm and say “We need a crib” the importance of getting it sooner rather than later would be implied. It’s 11 at night, after all. But at midnight we had to call again and ask how that crib was coming. It arrived shortly thereafter.

I was expecting for $35 in a hotel where rooms go for over $200, it would at least be a nice crib. It was, in fact, roughly the same as the Graco playpen at have at home. The one that cost $60.

So, to clarify, if you’re going to “rent” a crib at Mandalay Bay for more than a single day, it’s actually cheaper to buy one off Amazon and have it sent to the hotel than it is to actually rent theirs. For three days, which is our duration, it’s much cheaper. You can have it shipped back and still come out ahead and with a new playard to boot. Or you could donate it to charity. Don’t leave it in the room, though, because they will probably charge $35 to someone else to let them use it.

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