The fat guy wins!

This is not about President Obama or Democrats or Republicans or Wall Street fat cats. I mean, perhaps the election was about these things and perhaps not. That’s not Hit Coffee material. What is Hit Coffee material is that outgoing Governor Jon Corzine tried to win an election by making fun of his opponent’s weight and he lost.

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7 Responses to The Fat Guy Wins! The Fat Guy Wins!

  1. DaveinHackensack says:

    Christie FTW. Hey, how come NJ doesn’t have a pseudonym in your Trumanverse? If you deign to put Hackensack in the Trumanverse, perhaps you can use its Grand Theft Auto name: Hackenslash.

  2. Peter says:

    I went on a bit of a rant at Siggy’s about how Christie’s election is depressing to me, given how hard I’ve tried to lose weight and keep fit. DaveinHackensack had a good response, pointing out that perhaps Christie finds it almost impossible to lose weight due to metabolic issues.

  3. web says:

    “Metabolic issues” are a lot less prevalent than they’re made out to be though, Peter. While I agree that Corzine was scum for what he did, the idea that everyone with weight problem merely has “metabolic issues” is a bit hard to, pardon the pun, swallow.

  4. trumwill says:

    Chris Christie wasn’t just a guy with a weight problem, though. He had considerably more motivation, means, and self-discipline than the average obese person. He wasn’t just a lazy, fat, do-nothing slob. Nor is he surrounded by people where his weight becomes a non-issue. It seems far more likely that his limitations go beyond character defects than with most obese people.

    The thing is, though, we don’t know. We don’t know what it would take for him to lose that weight because we don’t know how conditioned his body is towards his current weight. We don’t know how painful it is for him to reduce consumption. We don’t know, if it were as painful for us as it could be for him, that we could do it.

    Most importantly, though, it’s none of our damn business. His weight is his own business.

  5. trumwill says:


    Hack’n’Slash was actually the name of a MUD in Camelot, the BBS I regulared when I was younger.

    As for New Jersey not getting a pseudonym, the Trumanverse map is really just kind of a hodgepodge of fictional and real state names. I tend to try to have a mixture of state names in each region so that I can reference familiar state names as well as fictitious ones depending on what I’m writing about.

    I’ve been thinking of going back and making all but the most iconic of states (California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, and a handful of others) fictitious.

  6. rob says:

    Nah, no one wins an election. Someone loses. The bald guy lost.

  7. ecco says:

    Personally, I think metabolic issues shouldn’t be as downplayed as much as they are. Although I don’t agree with all of the arguments, Gary Taubes’s Good Calories Bad Calories is an important read. It’s also instructive to compare obesity rates between the eighties and current times. The great surge didn’t really start till then, so personally I distrust the motivation argument because we can’t really lack as much motivation as we did in the eighties.

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