killyouEllen Wexler at Slate discovers that student loans may be inflating tuition costs.

Diversity in the workplace may boost creativity, but it’s exhausting employers. I remember when I was at Mindstorm and a project leader on another group talked about, in the most apologetic manner possible, how difficult it is managing a team compromised of a half-dozen nationalies and religious traditions.

Ben Domenech explains the evangelical appeal of Donald Trump, and Elizabeth Breunig explains how Ted Cruz lost it.

I could see Trump doing this after Tuesday, if he wins by enough.

Uncle Steve pings for names of the anti-Trump third party. Given the speaker and the audience, most suggestions are not complimentary. For my own self, I dig into historical named: New Federalist Party, National Union Party, or Constitutional Union Party.

It is things like this that help make the guns debate no-hold-barred for me.

I didn’t leave my home city for college, so I can’t imagine going to Germany, but nonetheless it seems like kind of a sweet deal even if the universities are a bit less posh.

If you were raised poor, college doesn’t reap the same gains as if you were raised wealthy.

This makes sense: According a new study (PDF), ability grouping raises outcomes in competitive cultures and lowers them in cooperative cultures.

Having a child has likely changed my politics in some subtle ways I do not realize, but one overt change is my views on funding PBS, so this makes me happy.

Florida is stepping up enforcement against left-lain snails.

For Sale! The most troubled half of one of our most troubled states.

Well, with all of the babies being born in Utah, I suppose this was bound to happen at some point.

Ostana, Italy, has welcome a young baby into its community. The first since 1987.

Mental Floss has fifteen facts about Blockbuster, including the whole Alaska thing.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    We’ve had to do a lot of “box-checking” things at my workplace (not just diversity but lots of things, from “you are now a required-reporter if someone tells you they’re being abused” to active-shooter training).

    It’s exhausting and demoralizing and I admit that even after doing them, I don’t remember all the rules of what I am and am not supposed to do in different situations. It’s especially demoralizing in bad budget times when roof-leaks aren’t attended to and we have to “shoestring” some labs, and yet the firms that publish these training programs get paid – because they have to be done.

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